Lab Safety Consulting

Comprehensive services in laboratory hygiene and safety

Comprehensive services for your laboratory

Lab Safety Consulting SLU is presented as one of the first consulting companies in biological safety, chemical safety, radiation protection and occupational risk prevention in the field of research and development in life sciences.

Our services are directed to public or private institutions with facilities in project, construction or operation (research centers, pharmaceutical laboratories, etc.); As well as companies related to our field of activity: manufacturers of containment and protection equipment and systems , laboratory instrumentation and furniture, engineering companies, construction companies, prevention services, hazardous waste management companies, etc.

Our services are aimed, among others, at the design of new and existing facilities, the legalization of such facilities and the activities to be carried out, either with biological agents, genetically modified organisms or hazardous waste, as well as the training of personnel in the appropriate work practices.


Lab Safety Consulting. Buenos Aires, 5. 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid, Spain)

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